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"Power Loop"

 This item helps with recovery from penis enlargement and for an overall men’s health. The electrical flow between the cooper and zinc helps the cells recover quicker and also increases vitality. This leads to faster recovery from PE (penis enlargement exercises). It also helps increase the body’s testosterone level Naturally!
When The Power Loop is added to any PE regiment these are some of its effects
1.    Promotes healthy cellular growth
2.    Speeds the healing process and recovery times
3.    Increases the healthy blood flow to the genital area
4.    Improves male potency and vitality
5.    Increases Sperm production and testosterone levels
6.    Increases sexual drive and performance
7.  Helps with weight loss
8.  Increased muscle mass
How does this happen you may ask?
You place The Power Loop around the base of the penis and underneath the scrotum. There is a pure copper cathode and a pure zinc anode connected by hypoallergenic silicone tubing. The copper and zinc are located on opposite sides of the loop. The moisture that naturally occurs around the base of the penis conducts an electrical current between the copper and zinc. The body also absorbs the zinc and copper which are both important trace elements your body requires to function at its best.
Here is how it works
Are you ready for some science?
 A reaction carried out in the apparatus shown below (Cu/Zn system), electrons are transferred from Zn° to Cu+2 through a wire producing electrical energy.

The salt bridge is necessary to complete the circuit and maintain charge neutrality.
Zn+2  cathode
SO4-2  anode

Oxidation occurs
Reduction occurs
Electrons produced
Electrons are consumed
Anions migrate toward
Cations migrate toward
Has negative sign
Has positive sign


So how does this work on your penis?
 The moisture around the base of your penis also contains salts. They transfer the energy between the cathode and anode. This causes a mild electrical field of up to 1 volt. Small electrical currents have been proven to help cells heal and regenerate quickly through many medical studies.   (google it!)
 Why should you by "The Power Loop"? Well simply put, I use the absolute purest Copper 99.997% and Zinc 99.995% available. These are scientific rods of the purest refinement. The rods are .25" thick and 2" long which gives more contact area and a better reaction. Many copper and zinc rods have traces of lead, arsenic and other toxic elements. It is very important that under no circumstances do you use any rods with these toxins in them.
Compare to any similar item and I assure you will be back!
The "Power Loop" comes with enough hypoallergenic silicone to accommodate any man. It is meant to be worn at the base of the penis behind the testes. It can also be worn on the scrotum if interested in more vitality only. You can wear it after stretching, or while stretching and is made so you can wear it 24 hours a day if desired. It can also be used just for improvements to your overall health and to naturally help with E.D.


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by Bob Martin
on 5/30/2012
Three Words
Hot Glue Gun. After you get your size right use a hot glue gun or crazy glue to get the thing to stay on. I use mine with the stretcher and at night while sleeping and the damn thing kept coming apart. Used a hot glue gun to adhere the pieces and it works like a charm. The tingling takes some getting used to but the electricity is working. I love mine...
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