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by Curtis
on 6/30/2015
Best I've tried
For me the noose devices are way too uncomfortable. After the initial break in period these are the way to go. from Jan 1st until now, June 30th I've gone from aprox 5.5" erect to 6 7/8 I wear the cup for at least 14 hours but up to 18 per day. I've found that I tend to wear the cups out a little faster then advertised, due to the amount of liquids I drink in the day. I probably remove the cup 10-14 times a day to urinate. In the almost 7 months I've been through 3, but find it's still very much worth it. I don't think I need to try and find anything better out there, because personally, I don't think there is a better product out there. Thanks esl40
by AD
on 10/26/2013
This is an awesome tool! Very Impressed
This is my second time ordering from you. The product of the first order is still working months later, is great, and I love it. I am ordering another cup as I am moving abroad and wish to have extra with me as silicone does have life expectancy. I use the cup constantly for both all day stretching (ADS), and with the harness at night, to do kegels against resistance. In fact, I now can't imagine NOT using this each and every day as an ADS. It feels great, and it works. Early results? No “turtling,” permanent full length in flaccid state, and gradual lengthening already evident within 6 weeks. These are great cups. I am rarely so impressed with items but this simple item does exactly what it describes, is made hearty, and there are no similar quality ADS items on the market. Good deal
by Bob Martin
on 5/30/2012
Comfortable after break in
The snap on takes a little getting used to and removal is sometimes uncomfortable but these cups do hold on well and do not restrict blood flow like a noose device. For the price, unbeatable. I wear mine everyday and bought a spare for when this one wears out.
by Solimar Bandeira
on 10/19/2010
I need large said a cant put my hard of my Dick one What large asides you have Please send me info Thank you Solimar
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